Heads of Divisions

Gilad Gross, CPA

Gilad Gross (CPA) – an expert in economic consulting in the fields of complex financial modeling, development and validation of financial models for banks and financial institutions, valuation, financial analysis of fair value assessments for accounting applications and risk management. Mr. Gross is a certified public accountant, holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and accounting … Continue reading Gilad Gross, CPA

Alon Tubul, CPA

Alon Tubul (CPA) – boasts over 15 years of experience in the field of economic and accounting consultation. Before entering the advisory field, Alon led projects in the field of finance, economics and accounting in Giza Zinger Even Accounting for many years. He served as a senior economist in the Budget Department of the Ministry … Continue reading Alon Tubul, CPA

Yoel Sequerra, CPA

Yoel Sequerra (CPA) – a vastly experienced accountant with over 16 years of experience in the economic industry, including: valuation of companies, assets, undertakings, equity instruments, financial derivatives, PPA, impairment, financial analyses, etc. These services are provided in addition to consultation services related to funding and accounting issues for some of Israel’s market leaders. Prior … Continue reading Yoel Sequerra, CPA