Expert Opinions

We specialize in “Expert Opinions” in a variety of areas related to economic, financial and accounting consulting. We also have expertise in the execution of basic and complex economic and accounting calculations required from time to time concerning the acceptance and/or violation and/or termination of legal contracts and agreements.

Wise’s team is composed of economists and accountants with vast practical experience in economic projects, together with renowned professionals from the academia.

In short, we offer the a broad selection of services, including:
– Economic consultation during liquidation and company recovery – debt arrangements, mediation, liquidation;
– Providing an expert opinion for arbitration, mediation, and other legal proceedings;
– Solvency analysis for dividend distribution, including opinions submitted to the courts;
– Competitor analysis for pricing, anti-trust, market structure and concentration;
– Planning and supporting efforts to win tenders by using game-theory tools;
– Providing accounting and economic opinions for a wide variety of issues, including valuation for business needs, internal assessments and financial statements for companies in both the public and private sectors;
– Consulting regulatory processes with extensive experience in the fields of health, communications, retail and finance;
– Economic and financial experts in the field of lawsuits and related matters against companies concerning issues concerning positions, including class-action suits;
– Economic and accounting experts in the field of taxation.