About Us

Wise Consulting is a firm that specializes in providing financial and economic advisory services.

The firm is a financial and economic consulting company founded by leading industry experts who, after years of collaborating independently, realized their partnership provided substantial added value to their customers.

Wise boasts a team of veteran industry professionals with decades of experience in a diverse range of financial areas, such as the private, public, banking and institutional sectors.

The firm’s team includes leading members of academia. This blend of senior experienced advisors with decades of professional experience places Wise in the forefront of financial and economic consulting.

The company offers the following services: valuation, development and validation of financial models, economic assessments and financial expert opinions to courts and regulatory economic processes.

The firm’s clientele includes public, private and government companies, the financial sector and prominent law firms.

Our team of experts has taken part in several significant economic processes that have taken place in the Israeli economy in recent years.