Impairment of holdings in MediWound Ltd

Impairment Test of goodwill that was recognized for investing in MediWound Ltd, which develops wound and burn treatments. This project required an Impairment Test according to International Accounting Standard 36 and to the accounting policies of CBI.

PPA of Go Active

In February 2016, the shareholders of Holmes Place and Go Active singed an acquisition agreement for 100% of share equity in Gal HaAtid Ltd., for shares in the sister company (Future Wave N.Y.B (96) Ltd.), and in the subsidiaries of Go Active. The suspending conditions were fulfilled on September 7, 2016.

PPA of RAGA acquisition

In June 2018, an agreement was signed by Gilat, a subsidiary completely owned by Satcom Systems Ltd., and a communications firm in the Congo (RAGA), to complete a joint project that provides internet-based communication solutions Satellite services for clients in Africa.